Saturday, September 7, 2013

09/06/13 - Neon Needle Marble

Just over two years ago I did this rainbow needle marble. It's still one of my favourite designs I've done, and I've been planning to revisit it, neon style. I finally did that last night. :)
I used 6 out of the 8 pen Migi Nail Art set in their white box. Most of the pens are neon-ish and shimmery. Last time I did the design I used mostly Migi's silver box, and I think Migi pens are an easy way to approach the needle marble.
Now, I'll admit I had more troubles with this design. I had to go back in and fill in the "needle tracks," where my needle removed polish instead of just dragging it. However, I love how it looks and it was worth the effort. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

09/05/13 - Stash Update

Some of you may know about Ninja Polish - Floam. It was wildly popular and then stopped being made. At the time I thought it was cool, but didn't care that much one way or another. When I heard it was very hard to acquire, I was a bit disappointed, but no harm done. Then I bought LynBDesign - Oobleck, and suddenly I needed Floam. I just know that Oobleck and Floam are meant to be. I mean, come on, that's a perfect childhood fun time manicure! And since then I have been looking for dupes to Floam because I need it, but I don't however-much-Ebay-wants-for-it need it, you know?

Well, today in Walmart I saw this new collection from Salon Perfect, and in it is a polish called Kaboom. And I thought, "Hey, this looks very similar to Floam!" So I bought it, and it's half the price of the original price of Floam. And I just looked up swatch comparisons, and it is very close to Floam. Close enough that it works for me! I'm so pleased. Also, Kaboom is a pretty fantastic name too.