Friday, October 28, 2011

10/28/11 - Halloween Nails

Well, I finally jumped on the Halloween bandwagon. Since my nails on the actual day will be themed after my costume, not the holiday itself, I decided to do Halloween themed nails a week in advance. And honestly, I think they came out great! I kinda grabbed various ideas from what I've seen for these. I've gotten several compliments. :) Okay, nail polishes: For the thumb, the base is Nabi yellow-green and Migi Nail Art Pen white and black. Index fingers are base of Wet 'n' Wild Ebony Hates Chris and Migi orange and yellow. Middle fingers are Wet 'n' Wild Ebony Hates Chris and Migi white. Ring fingers are NYX Moonwalk and Migi black. And finally, the pinkies are Love and Beauty (from F21) Taupe and Migi yellow, white, and orange.
I've posted a close-up of each nail on my left hand below. Do you have a favourite? I really like Frankenstein, but my friend was telling me today how much she liked the candy corn, and my boyfriend thought the spider-web came out really well. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/22/11 - Neon Patterned

Okay, this is actually about a week old (from Monday). I mean, the pictures are from only two days in (I thought maybe that way it would look cleaner), but I've had a busy school week and haven't gotten around to uploading the pictures. So here it is!
I finally finished my little neon rainbow collection. Pink is Love and Beauty - Hot Pink. Orange is 5 Stars - Red Orange. Yellow is L&B - Neon Yellow. Green is L&B - Neon Green. Blue is Klean Color - Neon Aqua. And purple Ultra Pro - Punki Purple.
The idea was every other finger was an animal print, and then crackle on the remaining nails. I think my crackle is dying or something, though, because as you can see, it didn't crackle very well. The crackle is OPI Black Shatter, and the other black designs are my Migi black Nail Art Pen.
And here it is without before putting anything on top. Looks like candy to me. :D

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10/12/11 - Lightning Glows

As usual, I asked my boyfriend for advice on what to do next with my nails. Usually I don't care for his suggestions. However, when he suggested to use my neon yellow to make lightning bolts over a blue background, I actually liked it. :) I decided not to go for the tap lightning bolts that are so popular these days because I didn't want to wait forever for every layer to dry, and I thought I could do well enough with my paint brush.
The base is Klean Color - Neon Aqua. The lightning bolts are L&B - Neon Yellow. The stars are from Santee - Moonlight Glitter.

But wait. I couldn't just do lightning bolts. Now that I've revived my ancient Wet 'n' Wild - Glow in the Dark polish with some polish thinner, I painted over some (not all) of the lightning bolts with glow in the dark. I also did an outline of some of them with my Claire's Glow in the Dark polish (which has some glitter in it).
Overall, this is a little different for me, but fun. It definitely glows, too, which is cool.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

10/6/11 - Stash Update

Well, obviously, as someone who does my nails frequently, my stash of nail polish is ever expanding. Here is the updated collection, with my little swatches on paper plates.

I've also added a little dohicky on the sidebar that links to whatever my most recent stash post is, so if anyone wants to see at any moment while looking at my nails - there it is. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/3/11 - Peace Sign Jacket Mani

So, these nails are inspired by a jacket I got in Hawaii. It's bright, colourful, features tie-dye and peace-signs, and is just generally good stuff. So I figured... I could maybe paint that. And here's my attempt.
The green is L&B (from F21) Mint swirled with Migi Nail Art Pen green. Blue: Santee Sky Blue with Migi blue. Redish: SC Timbleberrg with Migi orange. Yellow: Swimply Sweet yellow with Migi yellow. Purple: Nala Summer Purple with Migi purple. "Seam": Migi copper. Peace signs: Migi black.

Overall, I'm pleased with this. People recognized that it matched my jacket, which is always a good sign. I don't love it, but I'll leave it on for my standard week or so. :)