Saturday, February 23, 2013

Swatch: China Glaze - Fairy Dust

As soon as China Glaze - Fairy Dust arrived in the mail, I knew I'd be doing a pic-heavy swatch post with it. It's truly one of those polishes that I really should have owned a long time ago, and can't believe I waited this long to get it.
There's no sun right now, and these are all taken at night in artificial light, and still you can see the holo glitter! Truly fantastic.
Here are two pictures over Sinful Colors - Purple Diamond. The rest are over Wet 'n' Wild - Ebony Hates Chris.
The effect is a little more subtle over lighter colours, but as you can see, over black it's just great.
Basically it seems to be a glitter top coat made up of silver and holo fine glitter. And I love it.
And there's no top coat in these pictures. Fairy Dust is surprisingly smooth.
Here's an obligatory blurry shot, which I mostly included because the blurs almost look like hearts:
And finally:
I don't think I could say how much I love this polish. Would you all mind if I just wore it constantly? :p
I only got it a little while ago, and I've already worn it on my Rainbow Dotticure nails, my Lovin' Purple toes, and my Galaxy nails. Expect to see it a lot more often. I'm actually thinking of getting a second bottle already, just in case. I love this polish. I think it's a definite must-have. :)

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  1. I do adore the sparkles :). I finally gave in today and bought a bottle myself. It looks great as a sponge gradient tip :)