Tuesday, February 12, 2013

02/10/13 - Sweet Rainbow Hearts

For Valentine's day, I was racking my brain. I still love what I did last year, but a similarly great idea was not really coming to mind. Finally, I decided to follow this Youtube tutorial, with a little twist of my own.
And by twist, I mean rainbow, of course. Because I love that. :p
(How's the water mark, by the way? Just starting to test it out, since I'm entering this in a few contests.)
I started with Tip Toe - Preppy Pink. Then I did the gradient hearts with the Lime Crime set (Parfait Day, Peaches <3 Cream, Crema de Limon, Pastelchio, Once in a Blue Mousse, and Lavendairy).
I've said this before, but I think I'm really not a huge fan of tape manis. I like the things you can do with it, like this, and this came out a lot better than the last time I tried tape, but they're so.. fussy. Oh well. I do like the results. :)
I guess this isn't super obviously a Valentine's day design. I love hearts any day of the year. In fact, I just got one tattooed on me. :p But I did choose a pink background because of Valentine's day. If I did this any other time of year, I probably would've done an off-white colour or something. But this is okay. :)
[ETA: Though I did get a compliment on these from someone who specifically said, "Oo, I like your Valentine's day nails!" So I guess it works. :)]

So yup! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. And if you see these nails in any contests, feel free to vote for them (if it's that kind of contest). :)

ETA: Here's a link to one of my contest entries, that you can like or repin to vote for me. :)

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