Saturday, March 31, 2012

03/30/12 - Butterfly Wings

Okay, I know this has been done a million and one times, but I've wanted to try it out and I was desperate ideas, so I went ahead and did it.
Yup, butterfly wing nails. I think they came out pretty well, and my boyfriend things they're some of the best designs I've done yet. They're bright and spring-y, so I like them for that. :)

Here's a picture of just the gradient before I added the design. The design was Migi Nail Art Pens - black and white. The colours are: Icing - red mini, Milani - Awesome Orange, Simply Sweet - yellow, Nabi - yellow-green, Klean Color - Neon Aqua, and Ultra Pro - Punki Purple. Fun and bright!

I conclude with a picture of my nails in their "natural environment." xD

Also, I'm running desperately low on ideas. If you have any at all, I'll be more than pleased to listen! Thanks!