Saturday, April 14, 2012

04/12/12 - Senior Prom Nails!

So the 13th was my senior prom, and I painted my nails the day before. I managed to get them to actually perfectly match my dress, so I really like how they came out. Okay, so there's a lot of pictures for this post!

So it's kind of a "funky French." I got the idea
and crossed my fingers that it would still look good, because the idea of a funky French is kind of hit-and-miss with me. But I love it! The colours exactly match my dress, it looks simple and classy but just flows so well with the hole look. I am so pleased.
I used the Sally Hansen French nail guides for this. I hadn't used nail guides before, but I'm really glad I used them and I'll definitely use them again. (Though I'd need to get more..) I was a little skeptical, but wanted to give them a try. It was so much easier than tried to hand cut tape or free-hand it (both of which made for a very mediocre French before.) Plus with spunging on different colours, I could get the colours in more places without fear of getting it on the rest of the nail.
The colours are: a random teal shade from Ross, with sponges from a blue from Icing and a purple from Santee (which I picked up because it matched my dress), then the lining is my favourite Glitter Gal - Silver 3D Holo, and the design is my white Migi Nail Art Pen. And of course a little gemmie for my thumbs. :)
Close up of the thumb. The idea what just to do a white flower, I didn't have a specific flower in mind. The dress just kind of has ambiguous white lines that make flower shapes.

See! It really really matched my dress. I was thrilled.

Here are two pictures of the night itself. The first is the best I have for a full length shot so far, and the second is just a picture my friend Brooke took that I absolutely love.

I had a really nice evening. The prom was at the California Academy of Sciences, which was a great location for it. My boyfriend had a great time as well, and of course he looked very handsome. It was overall a really good night. :)

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