Saturday, September 24, 2011

9/24/11 - Neon Ice

Okay, now for something bright and different! Inspired by this post from Nail Nerd, I wanted to try something similar with a white base instead of the neon as the base and neon yellow instead of orange. Unfortunately, I didn't execute it terribly well, because I accidentally made too much of my nail neon and not enough left white to draw a design. I included a close up of my thumb so you can kind see that I really did have a design there.
Speaking of the design, I went to Michael's and got tiny paint brushes! YAY! They were even having a 2 for $5 sale, so I got the smallest and the second smallest. This design is with the second smallest. I'm so excited about these paint brushes - I should be able to do a lot more cool stuff with them.

The base is Claire's white, topped by Love&Beauty (from F21) Neon Yellow. I love this neon yellow. The pictures don't quite do it justice, but it is definitely neon. :D

9/20/11 - I Love Neil Nails

Remember the boyfriend I mentioned in my last post? Well, his name is Neil, and his birthday is 9/21/11. Whenever
I'm looking for ideas for what to do with my nails, he always playfully suggests writing "I love Neil" on my nails. So for his birthday, I did. He was surprised and pleased. :D

Base colour is just one coat of Santee - Sky Blue. The writing and hearts are Migi Nail Art Pens. :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

9/16/11 - Real Leaf Mani

Okay, this one's really cool. These are real leaves, picked from my back yard a couple days ago, dried in a phone book, then applied to my nails with a ton of clear nail polish. Cool, huh?! It didn't last super long (four days) because one of the nails got a hold in the top coat and started leaking water into the leaf. Oh well, cool while it lasted. :D

Base colour is Klean Color - Neon Aqua and China Glaze - Princess Grace. The neon blue polish my dear boyfriend got me while out and about - isn't he sweet? :D

Monday, September 12, 2011

9/12/11 - Heart Failure Nails

This one.. I'm not too fond of. I used a bobby pin as a dotting tool and tried to make hearts. Simple in the tutorial I saw, not so easy when I tried it. And I messed up my right thumb and pointer finger. Since I wasn't thrilled, I didn't bother fixing it.

The base colour is one coat of Claire's white and one coat of China Glaze Princess Glaze. The hearts are Love&Beauty (from Forever 21) Neon Yellow and Hot Pink, and Simply Sweet light blue.

Friday, September 2, 2011

8/30/11 - Super Glittery

For something a little different - something fantastically sparkly. I may regret this when I go to take it off, but for right now, IT IS SO AMAZINGLY SPARKLY!!!!

This is four coats of Nail Treats - Jubilee, one coat of Sally Hansen - Diamond (on the tips and butterfly wings), and then my white Migi Nail Art Pen.
I actually really like this one. Simply, but dazzling. :)


My LHC friend DaveDecker took this picture at a long hair meet at the time. I'm adding this picture several months later (01/21/12), but it's still the same mani, and one I really liked, too. :)