Sunday, October 27, 2013

Swatch: China Glaze - Seduce Me

And from this week's design, I bring you swatches of China Glaze - Seduce Me.
This is two coats. Seduce Me is a good colour, but kind of hard to describe. Kind of a berry magenta, purple-tinged red, dark pink colour.
I've used it before in my Sea Life nails, my Graduation nails, and most recently my Pumpkin Jack'o'Lanterns nails.
A good berry-coloured cream. It's sure to seduce anyone. ;D

Friday, October 25, 2013

Swatch: L.A. Girls - Black Illusion

Back at the beginning of the month I used L.A. Girls - Black Illusion for my Halloween Drips design, but some how didn't get around to posting the swatch photos. But fear not, for they are here. :)
I really like this polish. Opaque in two coats, with beautiful holo goodness in the black.
In some lights the glitter just looks silver, which is actually still a cool look. But in most lights it's a delightful holo.
This polish is definitely a good addition to my stash. :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

10/20/13 - Pumpkin Jack'o'Lanterns

So last week I was too swamped with stuff to get a design in, but this week I'm back! I've been tossing around a few ideas, "Pumpkins?... spiders?... blood?.." etc. and unable to decide on one. So I asked my boyfriend what I should do, and he said, "Do a jack'o'lantern with a eye patch, so it looks like a pirate." And I said, "That actually sounds awesome." So I did do that (on two of the nails) and a variety of other jack'o'lantern designs, or plain pumpkins, on the others. :)
Oh yeah, and I made it glow in the dark. ;D

Here's a picture of just the pumpkins, pre-design.
I like the depth of the look I got by layering sheer polishes on top. Unfortunately some of that went away post-top cat, but I still like it. Specifically, I started with Sally Hansen - Orange Impulse, and then did curved stripes of Brash - Gone Bananas and Milani - Awesome Orange. Similarly for the stems I did Kleancolor - Green Grass and Love&Beauty - Neon Green.

On top of that I did one coat of Lime Crime - Crema de Limon, and one coat of Serum No. 5 - Day Glow. Actually, I did two coats of Day Glow on the eyes, but it doesn't look much different. For whatever reason, the glow seems even more awesome in this design than the last time I used it. :)
Oh, and the base colour is China Glaze - Seduce Me, and the eye patch is done in 2True - No. 39.

I think this looks great. Happy almost Halloween! :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10/06/13 - Halloween Crackle Toes

I kept going back and forth on what I wanted to do for my toes. Finally, I decided I would try Barry M. - Croc Effect over Sally Hansen - Orange Impulse. I love the results!

The first few times I tested out Croc Effect, I couldn't get it to work. As in, it wouldn't crack at all. So I set it aside for a few weeks and returned to it this day. I think what finally made the difference is that I really shook it. Like, sat there for a minute just shaking the bottle. And then I applied to to slightly wet polish, as the instructions say.
The effect is somehow similar but cooler than ordinary shatter. Especially on my left big toe - I totally see a person or a tree there. So great for Halloween!
Well, I think this will be a great look for the month of Halloween. What do you think? :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

10/06/13 - Oozy Slime

I've decided to do design with Halloween in mind throughout October. It kind of depends on how busy I am how many designs that'll be, but we'll see. xD

The first design, to ease us into Halloween, I could definitely do any time of the year, but I liked it for right now. I hadn't tried the drip nail art yet, but I thought these colours would work for it, and I love it. :)
This is L.A. Girl - Black Illusion, dripped on by LynBDesigns - If I Lose Myself over Kleancolor - TLC. If I Lose Myself is this gorgeous neon green/blue duochrome, but it's a little sheer, so TLC worked as a base to top it on for over black.
 You can see the holo and the duochrome in this picture pretty well!
I love how the holo plays with the duochrome and the drips, and how the black contrasts with the neon. This design is just so much fun. :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

10/06/13 - Stash Update

Long time no see!

My last few weeks have been consumed with: getting ready for moving, actually moving, apartment stuff hunting, and my first week of classes for my second year of college. Whoo! My nails are in a slightly sad state at the moment because I hadn't repainted in so long and they got a bit banged up from moving. But I've finally repainted them last night and I'll post that tomorrow. :)

While buying things for my apartment, I did end up buying a few nail polishes. xD

First, I got two Milani from the dollar tree. I thought that was pretty cool.
Then I got two L.A. Colours from Hirons.
Also, feel free to admire the wood grain on my beautiful new desk. I know I am!
I'm excited to have two new holos in the collection. And the purple just looked pretty. :)