Sunday, July 28, 2013

07/25/13 - Stripes and Shapes Nails

Hi all! Long time no post. *waves*
Turns out that studying abroad in London is way more time consuming and exhausting than I had thought it would be. But I finally made some time to repaint my nails, as it was way past time. :)
Hopefully the concept is somewhat clear - white base (Barry M - Matt White) with a black shape (2true - No. 39), and then black stripes either inside or outside that shape (either 2true or the remnants of my Kiss striper).

The nail polish remover I bought here did a terrible job of cleaning my brushes, so I think this will be my nail design for the remainder of my time abroad. I'll return in August with more regular designs, I hope.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

07/13/13 - Stash Update

Welp, I've been in London for a couple days now. It's pretty great!
Unfortunately, not all of my nail polish survived the trip. This is what I opened my suitcase to:
Sigh! I had planned on doing black and white stuff, and of course the black and white would break! I haven't fully investigated the damage because I don't want nail polish on my hands before I'm ready to do an new design, but it's a bit of a bummer.
But not too much, because I simply went to Superdrug and bought some replacements, along with another new polish:
I tried to get brands I haven't seen before, just for the experience. :D Also, the middle one is "croc effect," which is very similar to crackle except more rounded and, well, crocodile like! I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

07/10/13 - Stash Update

I just can't seem to stay away from LynBDesigns polishes. Not only are her polishes unique and gorgeous, but she has such fun, frequent sales, it's too hard to pass up!
I recently indulged during a 35% off, AND get a free bottle of Eloquent Dust sale! Yeah! I limited myself to two, though, both ones I've been thinking about getting for a while. Actually, Eloquent Dust was on that list too, so this sale really worked out for me.
If I Lose Myself, a neon green with a strong blue shimmer, So Changeable, a dark base with duochrome-y purple and blue shimmer and glitter, and Eloquent Dust, a medium grey with shimmer.
Not going to lie, I'm pretty excited.

Okay, in other news, this evening I'll be boarding a plane to fly off to London! I'm studying abroad in the UK for four weeks. I keep alternating between being stressed and excited. I have a tentative plan for nail art, but I'm not sure what kind of time I'll have. I had a design planned for last night, which I might try to get to this morning, but there is SO much to do!! I don't know if I'll have time for it.
If nothing else, you'll probably get posts of UK nail polishes I can't get at home. :D Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

07/03/13 - Stars and Stripes

For this 4th of July, my family is at a convention in Sacramento. I didn't actually want to do a typical Independence day design because it wouldn't match much and I wouldn't be able to change it. But I decided to allude to the holiday by doing stars and stripes... in a different way. :)
 I started with Sally Hansen - Platinum, then did fan brush stripes with Love & Beauty - Neon Yellow, Love & Beauty - Hot Pink, and Kleancolor - Neon Aqua. I finished the job with Pure Ice - Super Star stars.
Okay, slight divergence: I specifically started with Platinum so I could take swatch pictures of it. And then I totally forgot. Grumble!
Back to the design, which I am quite enjoying. Even if it isn't very holiday-appropriate. :)
Happy 4th, everyone!