Saturday, July 13, 2013

07/13/13 - Stash Update

Welp, I've been in London for a couple days now. It's pretty great!
Unfortunately, not all of my nail polish survived the trip. This is what I opened my suitcase to:
Sigh! I had planned on doing black and white stuff, and of course the black and white would break! I haven't fully investigated the damage because I don't want nail polish on my hands before I'm ready to do an new design, but it's a bit of a bummer.
But not too much, because I simply went to Superdrug and bought some replacements, along with another new polish:
I tried to get brands I haven't seen before, just for the experience. :D Also, the middle one is "croc effect," which is very similar to crackle except more rounded and, well, crocodile like! I'm looking forward to trying it out.

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