Monday, August 26, 2013

08/24/13 - Stash Update

A couple months ago, I ran out of room in my previous three drawer set. So a trip to the container store has long been in the plans.
I've been thinking about getting a different structure, like the Melmers that are so popular among nail bloggers. But for now I've gone with the cheaper and more colourful option - more drawers that connect to my existing colours.
I pondered colours for a while. The options are purple, green, blue, pink, orange, white, and black. The first three are what I bought the last time, since they're my favourite colours. I played with the combinations for a while, and finally settled on pink and orange. They're not my preferred colours, but I like how they look with my other three colours. Very colourful and inviting. :)
The drawers, freshly added and still empty. You can see some of my nail polish mess next to it.
I started by reorganizing the bottom drawer. I have this box with nail supplies in it. Except for it was previously mostly taking up room, and had very few supplies I actually used in it. Now the space is better used. :)
The bottom drawer. Yay organization! I also had to take out a bunch of near-empty bottles.
The next drawer up. This contains whites, greys, blacks, glitters, crackles, magnetics, and stripers.
The drawer above. This contains purples, golds, browns, and beiges.
The drawer above. This one contains blues, teals, and greens.
And the top drawer, containing pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows.
The whole thing.
It pleases me that pinks are in the pink drawer and purples are in the purple drawer. :D Other than that, this is still subject to reorganization. I had hoped to have one drawer with the warm colours (pink, red, orange, yellow), one drawer with the cool colours (green, teal, blue, purple), one drawer with the rest of the colours (brown, beige, white, grey, black), and one drawer with the remainders (glitter, crackle, etc.). However, this didn't quite work out because I have a lot of green/teal/blue range polishes, so purple wouldn't fit in that drawer. But the warm colours are my least favourite, so I have a ton of space in that drawer.
Anyway, things to think about. :)
The paper plate collection at this point. :) Though I should probably redo one of the plates, because it includes some of my mom's polishes, so it doesn't accurately represent my stash. But the rest of the plates are good. Need to add another one soon!

And that brings you up to date on the entirety of my polish stash and storage. :)

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