Friday, December 6, 2013

Swatch: Wet 'n' Wild - Burgundy Frost

So the background of last week's design was a new-to-me polish from Wet 'n' Wild called Burgundy Frost. Based on the bottle design it's actually an old polish. I think I found it lying around the house in some dark corner. But surprisingly it was still in great condition and needed very little thinner to fix it up.
In the bottle I thought it was just a nice frost finish burgundy polish, good for a fall nail art design. But once it was on my nails I was really intrigued. There's like this subtle shimmer in addition to the frost that makes it so much cooler. It also makes the traditional problems with a frost finish, not be problems.
 I took like a million photos trying to capture just how pretty this polish is.
As I said, I've only used it so far in my Thanksgiving Break nails. I'll have to play with it some more now, though. :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

11/27/13 - Thanksgiving Break Nails

I really struggled with what to do with my nails for Thanksgiving. I feel like I've done all the normal Thanksgiving nail art already, you know? So I thought, what if I did a background of some fun fall colours, and then did metallic feathers on top. So I tried that, and, eh.

 I started with a saran wrap background of Wet 'n' Wild - Burgundy Frost and Jcat - Mango. I think this is where I went wrong - Mango blends too much with the gold, so you can't really tell they're feathers. Anyway, the feathers are done with Revlon - Hot For Chocolate, JLB - Immortal Gold, and Delicious - Scene Stealer.
I think you can see the feather idea here:
 Well, onwards and upwards. :) I hope you all had a lovely weekend.