Monday, October 7, 2013

10/06/13 - Oozy Slime

I've decided to do design with Halloween in mind throughout October. It kind of depends on how busy I am how many designs that'll be, but we'll see. xD

The first design, to ease us into Halloween, I could definitely do any time of the year, but I liked it for right now. I hadn't tried the drip nail art yet, but I thought these colours would work for it, and I love it. :)
This is L.A. Girl - Black Illusion, dripped on by LynBDesigns - If I Lose Myself over Kleancolor - TLC. If I Lose Myself is this gorgeous neon green/blue duochrome, but it's a little sheer, so TLC worked as a base to top it on for over black.
 You can see the holo and the duochrome in this picture pretty well!
I love how the holo plays with the duochrome and the drips, and how the black contrasts with the neon. This design is just so much fun. :)

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