Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kind of Swatches: Unlabelled Cat and Love & Beauty - Hot Pink

So I labelled this "kind of swatches" because I feel like it hardly counts if it's only a couple fingers, but these polishes are so lovely I wanted to show them off a bit without the design.
Here's the hand of polishes I'll show you today. :) You can see the design that goes with this here.

First.. Unlabelled Cat Polish!

This is just one coat, as I mentioned in the design part of this manicure. The sparkle is great. It's slightly more cool toned that the Migi Nail Art Pen I used to equivilate it, but it's a very nice gold. And of course, the bottle is adorable. :)
The first picture is with flash and the second picture is indoor lighting without flash. Both have no top coat. You can see how shiny and glittery it is.
I know this picture has the design over it, but that's the only way I could get a sunlight picture. Super glittery. :)

Love & Beauty - Hot Pink

This is two coats of this lovely, bright polish.
It was really hard to get a colour accurate picture for this one. My camera kept trying to make it kinda deep and almost reddish, and I don't know why. It's definitely a neon pink.
Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of it without the design. I have used it before, though. In my vaguely Indian nails, my neon criss-cross, part of the rainbow in neon patterned, and my failed attempt at hearts. I definitely approve of it. I've heard that Love & Beauty nail polish (it's the Forever 21 brand, and only costs $2.80 a bottle) can be hit and miss, and I agree. But this one, in my mind, is a hit. :)

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