Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/22/11 - Neon Patterned

Okay, this is actually about a week old (from Monday). I mean, the pictures are from only two days in (I thought maybe that way it would look cleaner), but I've had a busy school week and haven't gotten around to uploading the pictures. So here it is!
I finally finished my little neon rainbow collection. Pink is Love and Beauty - Hot Pink. Orange is 5 Stars - Red Orange. Yellow is L&B - Neon Yellow. Green is L&B - Neon Green. Blue is Klean Color - Neon Aqua. And purple Ultra Pro - Punki Purple.
The idea was every other finger was an animal print, and then crackle on the remaining nails. I think my crackle is dying or something, though, because as you can see, it didn't crackle very well. The crackle is OPI Black Shatter, and the other black designs are my Migi black Nail Art Pen.
And here it is without before putting anything on top. Looks like candy to me. :D


  1. This is so rad! What a great idea to do multiple colours under the crackle. I am a long-time crackle lover! (Though it doesn't seem to last long before getting clumpy.)
    Very cool blog; I love your creativity!