Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10/12/11 - Lightning Glows

As usual, I asked my boyfriend for advice on what to do next with my nails. Usually I don't care for his suggestions. However, when he suggested to use my neon yellow to make lightning bolts over a blue background, I actually liked it. :) I decided not to go for the tap lightning bolts that are so popular these days because I didn't want to wait forever for every layer to dry, and I thought I could do well enough with my paint brush.
The base is Klean Color - Neon Aqua. The lightning bolts are L&B - Neon Yellow. The stars are from Santee - Moonlight Glitter.

But wait. I couldn't just do lightning bolts. Now that I've revived my ancient Wet 'n' Wild - Glow in the Dark polish with some polish thinner, I painted over some (not all) of the lightning bolts with glow in the dark. I also did an outline of some of them with my Claire's Glow in the Dark polish (which has some glitter in it).
Overall, this is a little different for me, but fun. It definitely glows, too, which is cool.

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