Thursday, February 21, 2013

02/20/13 - Galaxy Nails

Okay, I finally did it. When I saw how Fairy Dust looked over black, I knew it was finally my turn to jump on the galaxy nail bandwagon.
Now that I've done it, I see it's ridiculously over done for a reason: it's easy, it looks good and even if everyone has done it, it will always look somewhat unique. It doesn't require any particular tools or small brushes, and is easy enough to do with your non-dominant hand.
I Google Image-searched "galaxy" and drew inspiration from what I saw. But basically, you can't mess this up. Galaxies take on so many different forms that what at first you might think was an unfortunate blob on your nail, you'll realize really does look like that galaxy way over there.

I just used a tooth pick, a make up sponge, and the regular polish brushes to make this.
There were ridiculous number of polishes that went into the making of this. I don't really want to list them all out, but here's a picture:
Yup. You can't even tell with half of these, since the galaxies were made up of sponging in random amounts layers of all these polishes.
The main ones used, of course, are Wet 'n' Wild - Ebony Hates Chriss for the black background, China Glaze - Fairy Dust for the sparklies in the background, Pure Ice - Super Star for the white stars, and Orly - Twilight for another coat of sparklies over the top. That combination was used on every nail.
If anyone really wants to know the names, I guess I can write it out. But I'll wait for a request. :p
Unfortunately, there is no sun here to speak of, but this still looks pretty and exciting to me. I'm glad I finally jumped on this bandwagon. :)

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