Sunday, February 24, 2013

02/24/13 - Stash Update

So yesterday I went grocery shopping at Fred Meyer's, and allowed myself to buy some nail polish/nail supplies. :)
That's four nail polishes, one white striping polish, quick dry drops, and a brush.

Let's start with the nail polishes:
I have mixed feelings on the whole texture thing, but I decided to pick up one of the new Milani Textures so I could try it out.
I also picked up this Covergirl colour, which I later (like, an hour after the picture, silly me) learned is called Lav-Endure. Not sure that's written on the bottle. Anyway, I love my Lime Crime pastels, but Lavendairy is definitely a warm toned pastel purple. I felt the need for a cool toned pastel purple as well. Here's a quick bottle comparison shot to show what I mean:
And then the two Essence polishes were just for fun. Prom-Berry looks like a gorgeous deep dark purple. I will say I'm not sure how I feel about the style of the brush. It's really wide, which is just.. unusual. It may take some getting used to.
And then the Fruity polish, which I later learned is Kiwi a Day (definitely not on the bottle), I just had to get. They're whole display for their Fruity collection was just adorable. I kinda wanted it all. But I knew I wouldn't actually use most of it, but it was just so cute! So I limited myself to this one. And I love it even more knowing the title, because I love kiwis!

I decided to pick up the white striper because, why not. See if I like it better or worse than dipping a normal paintbrush in white nail polish.

The drying drops I got primarily because I've been keeping my eyes out for something quick drying for when I do my 5 year old niece's nails. She wants to start playing again immediately after I paint her nails, and thus almost always messes them up! But a lot of the quick drying drops and sprays and whatnot are pretty expensive. But Essence is cheap, so I'm looking forward to trying it out. If it works on my patient nails, that's good news for my niece!

And lastly, I got the brush for cleaning up the edges. It's a different style than what I was using before, but by nail the acetone has caused what I was using before to completely fall apart. I don't have any bristles left. ^^; So hopefully this will still work. And if not, it was cheap and looks cute (love that purple!), so who knows.

In another couples days I may write another Stash Update, just to reflect on the status of my whole stash. But thanks for reading. :)


  1. Oh you got the milani i want! Since your not supposed to base or top coat it i figure best to go with a color that would fair well left alone. Im envious you can find essence i know they sell her now but none have made it to my neck of the woods yet.

  2. E.L.F. has a few brushes that work well with acetone, at least for a while. Add in they are $1 each, so I don't really care if they fall apart in 2 months.

    1. My previous brush was an ELF brush that did very well for me (especially at that price!). But I guess Fred Meyer's doesn't sell ELF, so I decided to try something else that was pretty cheap. Given the chance, I'll probably pick up another ELF brush.