Wednesday, January 30, 2013

01/30/13 - Rainbow Dotticure

Okay, here's how I actually painted my nails to celebrate my 19th birthday. :)
I wanted something purple and sparkly (purple is my favourite colour). While trying to think of ideas, I decided I would also throw rainbows in there, since I love rainbows. I brought out my dotting tools, which I got a while ago, tested out, found them to be a complete fail, and stashed them back away. But this time they worked just fine, which is exciting! Who knows what I could do with dots now? :)
See? Everything the doctor ordered. :)
This design went through a couple iterations, but the goal for the final product was a sort of rainbow dot gradient of decreasing sizes over the sparkly purple, which was then covered in sparkles.
It actually kind of matches my pajama pants:
Let's see, a lot of polishes went into this, including two new ones that I haven't added to a stash update yet.. The purple base is Sinful Colors - Purple Diamond. The sparkly is China Glaze - Fairy Dust. And then the rainbow, in ROYGBV order, is Julie G - Cherry on Top, Sally Hansen - Orange Impulse, Brash - Gone Bananas, Kleancolor - Grass Green, CQ - Tropics, and Essence - Break Through. Whew!
It is cloudy and rainy here, so I can't really capture the beautiful sparkles of one of my new additions, Fairy Dust. I did try, though. And if the sun comes out I'll update this post with an image
Lastly, a picture just 'cause I thought it looked cool:

Have a great day, everyone! :)


  1. Had to try to squeeze in a happy birthday before the stroke of midnight!

  2. Since you asked......some dot mani inspiration ;)
    and not the one i originally found but close -