Friday, January 11, 2013

01/10/12 - KISS Swirls

I most often struggle with titles. This particular title has a double meaning. KISS makes me think of chocolate kisses, which is fitting for the adorably edible names that Lime Crime gives their polishes. But KISS really means the phrase "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Which I should probably follow more often. So for this manicure, I decided to keep it simple, while playing with my new Lime Crime polishes.
Pretty and simple, no?
All the polishes used can be seen in the base colours:
This is two coats of each with no top coat, with flash. We have Pure Ice - Superstar, Lime Crime - Lavendairy, Lime Crime - Once In A Blue Mousse, and Lime Crime - Pastelchio.
Here's some close ups of the Lime Crimes on the non-accent nails, with top coat:
Then I went in and attempted the swirl design that has been popular lately:
So simple, but still very pretty. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. :)

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