Monday, January 14, 2013

Storage Thoughts

So I've been thinking the last couple days about ways to revamp my nail polish storage. When I came back from break with the new nail polishes I had gotten, I discovered, to my surprise, that my drawers area now almost full. So what next?

Here's the post where I described updating my storage the last time I did. At the time, I wasn't sure of exactly what kind of living situation I would be in. Would the windows open? Would my roommate be allergic to the smell of nail polish? Would I be on the first floor next to an expanse of green grass? Would I be able to bring my whole stash back and forth with me for breaks? So I wanted something that could be easily portable.
Now, I know the answer to those questions for the foreseeable future, and have discovered that my stash is too heavy to actually carry around. I'll admit, I like the handle - when I was vacuuming, I just moved it aside a bit to get the floor around it. But other than that, it's stayed where it is. So I feel fairly confident that I could use a more serious bit of furniture.

I was at Pier 1 a few weeks ago, and realized that a jewellery armoire might work. A good number of them have two fairly shallow drawers on top, sometimes compartmentalized with things like the ring section and such. But then the rest of the drawers, depending on the size of the armoire, would be deep enough to accommodate nail polish. So I figured the top drawers could actually be used for jewellery, as well as the necklace wings, if the armoire should have them.
So the other day I set to Googling for ideas to keep in mind. I'd probably wait until next fall, and get such a thing when moving into my apartment, when I'm getting a bunch of other furniture. But here are some things I wanted to keep in mind.

This one from Pier 1 is so pretty. I like how the top two drawers are visually slightly separated, but all the drawers appear to be about the same size. This one is also pretty, but there isn't a lot of information on it. But again, the drawers are all the same size. I like this one a lot. It's not super pretty, but it's sleek and I feel like it has a really nice layout to it. I wish it had one or two more drawers, though.
The bottom/nail polish drawers need to be at least 4 inches deep. But I think I'd prefer them to not be any deeper than 5 or 6 inches, just to maximize the space available. My tallest nail polish is like 4.2 inches or something like that. So 4.5" would probably be perfect. I could probably do well with 4".

Okay! That's all my ramblings for now. :)

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