Thursday, January 3, 2013

Swatch Post: Love & Beauty - Crystal/Multi

As I mentioned in my New Year post, I bought this polish because it looks exactly like the confetti that got shot all over my house from a party popper last new year's party. Yes, though it is called Love & Beauty - Crystal/Multi, I really wish they had named it Confetti. Below I have one coat of it over Disney - Evil Queen. I did go back and add a second coat of the confetti (xP) on the non-accent nails for the full manicure.
Basically, this is shards of glitter in assorted colours.
What can I say? It's a great polish for a party.
Here's two coats, with top coat, in the sun:
One downside is that on most of my nails, there would be one or two shards/flakes/whatever, that, even with two coats of top coat, just wouldn't lie completely flat/smooth. Not ultimately a problem, but a minor nuisance.
But I'm glad I got to use this polish for a new year's celebration.

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