Wednesday, January 30, 2013

01/30/13 - It's My Birthday!

So today's my 19th birthday, and I figured that I should paint my nails to match. So I put them in our birthday suit! :D
 I used a nice concoction of keratin for this look. :)
Here's another angle:
And with flash:
Hope you like it! :D

Okay, but in all seriousness, I'll post my actual post in a bit. But I did give my nails a couple hours to breathe, which is the longest they've had in a while!
Also, my right thumbnail is looking pretty dang awful. Shield your eyes, or see the proof:

That rip is too low to even cut down to, even if I wanted to.
So what I've tried is patching up with nail strengthener and tape, and then piling on the normal nail polish over it. Let's hope that holds it until it's long enough to not be painful and to actually get cut.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Im jelous of your pretty unstained nails im still growing out my christmas nails 2/3's left to go.

    As for the poor thumb super glue or tea bag patch helps alot good luck!

    1. They're definitely not as pretty/unstained as nails that have never been touched by polish, but I am relatively pleased with their lack of stain. I was worried because Lime Crime - Pastelchio looked like it stained, but after I took off the nail polish I wore next, there was no evidence. :)

      See, that might work if I had tea bags or super glue! :p

    2. The christmas staining is my own fault i usually wear dark colors but always take it off by day 4 and i liked my festive nails so much i bad

      Oh my no tea! Thats criminal and im not even british lol :p.