Saturday, January 12, 2013

01/12/13 - Stash Update

The importing of nail polish into my stash is definitely slowing. Buuut it's not stopped, and there's not exporting yet. xD

First, I found this at the bottom of a box when my wonderful boyfriend was cleaning my bathroom. It was probably originally my sister's, but she claimed nothing in the bathroom was hers, so I have no qualms in adding it to my stash. :)

Then, I went to Fred Meyer's today and got pretty excited in their nail polish section. I swear, they just have more/different brands than what I have at home! (By the way, I'm back at college now. I think I forgot to say that earlier.)
These were all pretty cheap, and I just couldn't pass them up.
They had two of that snowman one in their clearance section:
But I went with the red sparkles. Not that I needed either, but the snowman was just way too cute. I mean, the top is a top hat! Adorable!
Here's a bottle comparison of Wet 'n' Wild - The Star of the Show, and another polish I have that has stars, Santee - Moonlight Glitter.
The stars in Star of the Show are silver/holographic, and there's a little bit of short bar glitter. Meanwhile, Moonlight Glitter has purble and blue stars and silver/holographic round glitter. There! I justified the purchase for myself. xD

I was pretty excited to see the Essence section. I haven't seen that sold in California. It probably is, just not in places I shop, I guess. But there was a nice section in Fred Meyer, and there was so much prettiness. :D But I only bought Essence - Holo Topping, Please! It claims to be a holographic topper that you can apply over any polish, and it only costs $2.49. I have to admit, I'm skeptical of its use over any polish - it seems pretty pigmented on it's own. But I love holographic stuff, so I wasn't going to pass it up! First I confirmed to myself that it is holographic:
Yup! So we'll see how it goes as a topper (or perhaps on its own?) later on. :)
Lastly, I'm almost out of my nail strengthener. I usually (but not always), apply a thin layer of nail strengthener just along the tips (like a messy French) or over any places that look like they might break or something. I find this helps prevent tip breakage. So I've been keeping an eye out for something inexpensive and that looks promising. I saw this and thought I'd try it:
It has good reviews online, I've now confirmed. We'll see how it goes! Also, I didn't know it at the time, but it's the same brand as the one I have been using.
One on the left is the one I'm almost out of.

And that's all! Happy days, everyone. :)

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