Thursday, January 31, 2013

Swatch: Sinful Colors - Purple Diamond

Several months ago, my friend Maddie gave me, as part of an ITS Senior Farewell, this nail polish. It's so pretty in the bottle that I've been looking forward to using it ever since, but some how never came up with a design that this would work for! So finally I decided: I am going to use this on my birthday. And so I did. :)
Here are three coats:
It did require a bit of a build up to get to this opacity. Here's one coat and two coats:

But three coats is lovely. :)
It's this kind of hard to define polish. Not really metallic, not really a frost, not really a shimmer, but also kind of all of those. I'm sure there's some name I'm not remembering.
I'm enjoying this polish. It's just so purple and shimmery, just what I wanted.
As I've mentioned, I've only gotten to use it in my 19th birthday Rainbow Dotticure. But it makes for a lovely base there. :)

Thanks for looking (and thanks Maddie for the polish)!

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