Tuesday, January 22, 2013

01/22/13 - Stash Update

My friend Kyla came over on Saturday, and partly because my birthday is coming up on the 30th, she gave me some of her nail polish rejects (and a great scarf). :D She also gave me some striping tape. Thanks so much, Kyla!
Here they are on my wheel:
I've been really thinking about buying Wet 'n' Wild - Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire. Now I don't have to! :) But then I realized it did look pretty similar to something I did end up buying. And so did a couple others. The unlabelled Sally Hansen one, though, is unique to me, and looks gorgeous! But I had to investigate the others.
Hah! See? Not the same! Yay for unique additions!
For the blue polish, we have Milani - Cyberspace next to Wet 'n' Wild - Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire. Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire is more of a scattered holo, whereas Cyberspace is a little more of a linear holo. I think. I'm not sure I understand those terms fully. :p But they're both pretty, and are, in fact, different.
For the red polish, we have JLB - Cherry Pop next to Sinful Colors - Taylor. As you can see, Taylor is a nice, almost mauve-y metallic, not really quite red. Which is unique to me, and pretty!
Finally for the gold-ish polish, we have JLB - Immortal Gold next to Delicious - Scene Stealer. Scene Stealer is almost a champagne-y metallic, which is, again, unique to me and pretty!

Yay! Thanks again Kyla. :)

Also, I counted up my polishes, which I haven't done in a while. And not counting striping polishes, I believe I have 153 now. Wow!

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