Monday, January 21, 2013

Swatch: Jordana - Boy Oh Boy

This is a recently purchased polish in a brand I haven't tried before. It's Jordana - Boy Oh Boy, a polish I purchased because I wanted a creme teal. It's not a perfect teal, in that it leans more towards blue than I wish it did, and it photographed a lot more blue than it is in reality. But the formula was surprisingly great.
I only used one coat. I could have gone for two, I suppose, but you can see it doesn't really need it.
If you go back to my Pencil Pouch nails, you'll see some slightly more colour accurate pictures with this polish in it.
But overall, I'm impressed by this polish. I think it was only $2, sold at K-Mart or Walmart or something.
I may have to try some of their other polishes, now that I've seen how well this one applied. :)

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