Saturday, September 15, 2012

09/09/12 - Stash Update

As I've been mentioning, I've been getting new polishes and running out of space for them. So I finally got a new storage solution, after searching for quite a while.
I wanted something transportable. Ideally so much so that I could just grab my nail polish collection and do my nails out on the grass if I so chose. But it needed to be at least transportable enough that I could take it from my bedroom and move it with me to my college dorm. (By the way, that's happening in a couple days. Wish me luck!) I also wanted something with drawers, because those are the easiest to get into and out of if your nails are still wet. No fumbling with lids and whatnot. I also wanted something affordable.
So I would find things that were easily transportable, but the drawers were at most 3" deep. Most nail polishes seem to be between 3" and 3.5" tall, making a 3" drawer unusable but for the minis. Or I would find things that were too deep (5-6") and not transportable at all. Or I would find things that looked like they could work but were well over $50, or even over $100.
Finally I went to The Container Store in San Jose and picked up three of these, and a strap-a-handle.
 So there it is, empty but with the strap, next to my old storage. The drawers are specifically stackable so they nestle nicely the strap seems to fit around them.
And here it is filled with nail polish:
It's sorted by colour. Top drawer has pink through blue:
Second drawer has purple, brown, silver/grey, white, black, crackles, glitters, and metallics:
And last drawer has my nail art pens, paint brushes, some accessories, my manicure set, and my base coats and top coats:
Now that all the nail polish is in there it's really too heavy to just grab and go out with, but it should be easily moveable into my dorm, and moveable enough if I do want to go somewhere with it. So I guess it works. :) I just worry that if I need more drawers whether it just won't work at all. Well, time will tell, I suppose!

You may be wondering what some of the new polishes are. And if you're not, you're going to see them anyway. :p
I got this pretty one from Forever 21:
It's this lovely grey with blue shimmer. Boring name, though: Love&Beauty - Light Gray/Multi. They also had one with a pink shimmer but identical name. Oh well, the polish is pretty and I'm looking forward to using it.

There's this great store in San Jose that was recommended to me, called US Nails Supply, and I finally got a chance to go. It was recommended because they have a LOT of nail polish, and it's CHEAP compared to other places. Like, pretty much everywhere OPI is at least $8. There? It's $4.75, if I remember right. Most of the brands are half-off what they are anywhere else. The only thing is they don't allow you to even open the bottles, which is a bit of a downside as I like to see what the consistency is like. Oh well. I'll just try to look up reviews or look at them else where, then go there to buy them. :D
Anywhere, here's what I bought from them after an unfortunately very short stop there:
They pack it in a box for you. So cute. xD
I've heard so many great things about OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls that I decided I just had to get it. I mean, nearly everyone I'm following right now uses it. I also picked up China Glaze - Kalahari Kiss, because I've been looking for a kinda sandy colour as a base for nail art. This isn't quite what I was looking for, but it's close. And it's still a nice looking polish. I also picked up a crystal nail file.

Here's a couple shots of all my nail plate swatches:
And here's a close up of the recent additions:
Ta-da! :p

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