Tuesday, September 25, 2012

09/18/12 - Go Oregon Ducks! Nails

Well, the 18th was the day I left to move up to Oregon. So in preparation/celebration, I did these nails.
I think they're pretty darn cute, and I got a lot of compliments on them.
It's a base of Tip Toes - Irish green, with tips lines with Migi Nail Art gold, then a lazy French with Dabble - Sand and Sally Hansen - Diamond. The duck is all Migi Nail Art pens. The Oregon O is a fun thing I picked up during orientation from the Duck Store.
Cute little temporary tattoos for your nails or your skin! They worked so well on my nails, that now I'm curious about using regular temporary tattoos. Well, further experiments await. :)
Here's some close ups:
But yup! These came in handy helping to get to know people while moving in. Plus those little ducks are just cute, right? :)

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