Friday, September 28, 2012

100 posts!!

I just realized that my last post, the Freebies at Freddie's, was my 100th post! Wow!
Big blogs with 500 followers and such would probably do a give-away at this point. Well, I'm a college student with ~15 followers, so I suppose I'll just post excitedly about it. xP If anyone want to help me get to 500 followers, though... :)

Gosh. I feel like I should do something special in recognition. Maybe some blasts from the past?

Most Popular
My most popular nail art by far is my rainbow butterfly nails. (Image clickable to the post.)
I like these nails and everything, but I have no idea why they're so popular! They have a shocking 3 comments here, but 63 comments and 971 (and counting) favourites on Deviantart.

My Favourite
However, I think my favourite nail art that I've done was my Mickey and Minnie nail art for Valentine's day.
 I spent a while on these, and I loved how the came out. I loved the holographic, I loved the Mickey and Minnie, I loved the challenge.. I just thought these were super cool. They didn't get a lot of attention, so I guess I'm the only one, but whatever. :p

One I Want to Try Again
And the last special mention is this one:
 This one is a bunch of coats of glitter, some dotted butterflies and tips, and then some more glitter. This one was so fun to look at, so colourful, so glittery. Of course taking it off was a pain and somewhat frighening, so I haven't done another "glitter bomb" type nail art since. But I think one has to happen soon, since it really was a lot of fun.

Well, that's all I have today! Thanks for sticking with me these past 100 posts. Hope I'll get some more followers and can do something more exciting for 200 posts!

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