Friday, September 14, 2012

09/10/12 - Professional Pedicure

The last time I got a professional pedicure, I went out with my friend and got mani/pedis. Which was in July 2010, before I really painted my nails. (I thought I had retroactively made a blog post about it, but I guess I didn't.) Then, I just picked out some colours I thought looked nice, got a flower added to my ringer fingers, and was content.
Well, this day I went out with that same friend and got pedicures. I had forgotten about all the other fun things that come with getting it professionally done. Lotion, massages, warm water soaks, no effort.. Ahh. :) When I do my own toes I'm all hunched over painting my toes and painting my fingers at the same time and hoping I don't mess either up.
It was also a bit odd because now that I'm obsessed with nail polish and follow so many blogs and own SO much nail polish, I recognized so many of the options and even owned some of them. So I had to make sure I chose colours I didn't own or wouldn't take a billion coats to look nice.
Finally I settled on OPI - Save Me, a polish I've been curious about, and Essie - Mint Candy Apple.
I settled on this combination after trying several on a little piece of paper, and I think I love it. Now I want both these polishes. xD
Here's a close up:
(Hmm, she missed a bit! :P) Save Me is this cool polish with little silver glitter and holographic bar glitter in teal tinted and warm tinted varieties. It creates a cool effect.
Here's a picture in the shade:

And a bonus pic with a shoutout to my BFF since kindergarten:
Funny how we both individually decided on going with glitter over a cream. :)
We both had a wonderful time relaxing and catching up before we head off to college. It will be the first time since we met that we'll be going to different schools!

But anyway, there's my pretty toesies!

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