Friday, September 28, 2012

09/22/12 - Freebies from Freddy's!

So as a new college student in Oregon, I got the opportunity to got to a Freebies at Freddy's night - a night that Fred Meyer's has with discounts and freebies for college students. I bought some things I still needed for my dorm, but of course the fun discovery was... FREE NAIL POLISH! My boyfriend described it best when I told him and he said, "You're in heaven, aren't you?"
Of course, it was just minis of Essence - not any random polish of choosing in the store - but I'm still stoked. There was also some free makeup.
Above is the whole line up.
I've never even seen Essence nail polish in stores, and now I own 11 bottles!
xD I can't possibly say no to free nail polish. Even if I have similar colours to some of these.
Here's on my swatch plate:
My first thought was that most of these are gorgeous. Sweet as Candy (the pale pink) looks like it might be too sheer for how I usually do my nails. Trendsetter (the brownish) is kind of a really ugly colour to me, but will probably do well in some nail art that calls for it. I was initially disappointed that Black is Black seemed sheer, so it would need two or three coats to be a pure black base (since I'm used to Wet 'n' Wild - Ebony Hates Chris, which is a one-coat black), but I thought it would work well as the pen/pencil for my binder paper nails, since those aren't really opaque on paper either. So it's workable with. :)
I'm really excited about Choose Me!, Time for Romance, and Make it Golden. Those look the prettiest to me, and I hope to use them soon.
'Til next time! :D

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