Tuesday, September 11, 2012

09/02/12 - Ross Haul: LA Colors and JLB Metallics

Hello! Expect to see a bunch of posts from me over the next couple days. :) I've been a bit snap-happy with my camera, but at least I'll share! :D

First up, my mom and I went to Ross the other day, and among other things, my mom picked up some nail polish. So technically mom bought these, but since she's been doing the Sally Hansen nail strips she tends to buy nail polish and give it to me to keep in my storage. One of these sets I love and am totally keeping, the other she's welcome to have back. :p

First, the one I love.
I haven't heard of this JLB brand before, but I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for it.
I only own one metallic, which is definitely a problem. Well, was, before I got this lovely set for just $5.99. Aptly named the "Metallic Fever Collection," even the box features this fun metallic gold as the background.
They just look so pretty, even in their bottles.
I tested them on my "nail wheels" (paper plates), and they look awesome there, too!
So nicely opaque and glisteny and metallicy and yay! And the names are pretty cute too. :) I'm very excited to use these. (And that post will come in a couple days, too!)

Next, the one I wouldn't have got if I were her.
Some funnish but pretty standard colours from L.A. Colors.
They don't seem to have any kind of names. They might have had numbers but I wasn't sure. So blah on that, and then look - on paper they're just kinda blah. The teal has mediocre opacity, but the others look to be maybe three coaters. Another thing that bugged me is that for all coming from the same collection, they have different consistancies. The black and pink are sparkles, the purple and green are wanna-be metallics, the orange and teal are glimmery creams.. Not very cohesive.

Also, not mentioned in the title, is this bottle from Cosmetic Arts.
You can see it on the end of the metallic swatches. Also not super impressed with this one. The flakes/glittery seems to stick up (doesn't look too fun to wear), and it doesn't look too easy to apply. It also doesn't have a name. But it does look pretty from the bottle.

But yup! So here's what we picked up from Ross. Of course we got great deals on all of these, but the ones I'm most excited about are the metallics. :)

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