Monday, September 24, 2012

09/11/12 - Haul from Big Lots

I wouldn't have pegged Big Lots as a place to get nail polish. I actually can't remember the last time I've even been in a Big Lots. But Mom and I went in looking for dorm stuff, and though we didn't end up with any dorm stuff, we both left with some seriously discounted nail stuff.

My happy find is this:
A Colormates trio for $2. I've never heard of Colormates nail polish, but three colours that look pretty for only $2? That's like 66 cents a nail polish! I'm sold!
I also got this two pack for a a $1.50.
Here's my swatch:
 Yeah.. The $1.50 ones look a little weird. Well, they might work for nail art or something.
Lastly, here are some bottle shots from the Colormates. I haven't figured out what I'll use these for yet, but they look really pretty and pretty nice quality, too!


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