Thursday, September 13, 2012

09/07/12 - Rainbow Metallic Swirls Mani

Remember those metallics I mentioned being really excited to use? Well, I used them! :D
Here's the completed look:
Aren't these fun?! :D

First I started with a base of NYX - Moonwalk. Then I sponged on 6 out of 7 of my new JLB metallics collection.This included JLB - Chocolate Lava, Cherry Pop, Immortal Gold, Jade, Deep Sea, and Purple Rain. Here's a picture of that:
It was hard to get a nice picture in my room because this manicure was so shiny and reflective it kept reflecting my light. But hopefully you can kinda get an idea.
Anyway, after that I topped it with one coat of Glitter Gal - 3D Silver Holo (one of my favourite polishes!).
I am in love with this background! I almost regret putting a design over it. This looks so amazing in the sun (as you can see in the top two pictures). The sponged metallics are already rainbow, and then the holo top coat makes it explode with rainbow awesomeness. :D It's so great.
Anyway, then I painted over that with Maybelline - Sapphire Siren. Just kinda random swirly patterns. This was inspired by a design, but unfortunately I don't have the original source saved.
Here's a picture in less direct sun, and a picture in the shade:

And here's one of the thumb in the show, really blasting off that rainbow goodness:

So yup! These are so much fun to look at in the sun. :D

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