Thursday, November 15, 2012

Swatch: Essence - Sweet As Candy

As seen in Peek-A-Boo Monkey, I used Essence - Sweet as Candy as a base. It's a sheer pink, so it took several coats to build up opacity. I can see it being really good for a French manicure pink, though.
Here's three coats:
And here's the build up.
Here's one coat:
Here's a comparison of an unpainted nail and a painted nail:
Here's two coats:
Here's a comparison of one coat and two coats:
 And here's more of three coats:
The formula was really nice. As you can see, it built up easily, but it would also be great for a sheer one-coater. My nails feel very smooth, which may have nothing to do with this polish, but I feel like it does. Overall, I found this a pleasant polish to work with. :)

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