Monday, November 26, 2012

Swatch: Essence - Make It Golden

Again, I feel like glitters are difficult to swatch since they'll always be over something. And especially in this post because I gave a full covering to only three nails, and the tips of  the remaining two. But it's so pretty, I have to share, so this is pic-heavy!
I really enjoyed Essence - Make it Golden, as make it golden, it certainly did!
You see it here over JLB - Immortal Gold. I wasn't sure how the two golds united would play out, but I really like it. Make It Golden appears more of a yellow-gold, making Immortal Gold appear almost a rosy gold. Both look great.
These first couple pictures are without any top coat. You can kind of see that the bigger glitters don't really look like they're laying flat. Once top coat was applied, it felt totally flat - but they still looked a little curled up. Not a huge problem.
You can see that it's mostly this medium hexagonal gold glitter, with some smaller hexagonal gold glitters.
I also wanted to show it over a light background, because then you can also see that though it is in a clear base, it also has gold shimmer/micro glitter.
And here are some final pictures over Immortal Gold, with an additional coat on the tips and top coat.

Like I mentioned, very pretty. I've really enjoyed wearing it. :)

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