Saturday, December 1, 2012

12/01/12 - Stash Update

When I went home for Thanksgiving, knowing I would be going shopping with my mom, I expected to come home with a bunch of nail polish. I didn't. xP But I did bring back one bottle that I think looks pretty cool.
It's Sation -Tall, Dark, and Handsome.
And here are some more pictures, because I haven't used it yet but I think it looks really interesting and fun.
And here's it over a couple different colours:
 And here's my newest swatch plate, which includes the goodies Kyla gave me. :)
So I briefly compared L.A. Colors - Metallic Blue to JLB - Deep Sea, which are both metallic blues.
As you can see, Deep Sea is much blue-er. Both are pretty, though. :)
Also, I originally thought that Bonita - Black was just a really crappy black. But then I discovered it's actually a decent black crackle. Oops. xD

And here's a couple pictures of how my drawers are doing. Still working, and still working towards filling them up. xP Don't know what I'll do if I do fill them, though!


  1. Where did you get your storage thing? I'm trying to find one, but nothing fits my tallest bottles. If you've changed it since posting this, please let me know what you changed to. Also, how many bottles do you have?

    1. I describe it in this blog post: , and got the drawers at The Container Store.
      I'm still using it, but I am now out of space. I desperately need either another drawer or a new storage system. I'm leaning towards a new storage system, but I don't know what yet. It's likely nothing will really happen until June. Actually, you've reminded me it might be worth ordering another drawer online until then. Hm...
      I honestly don't know how many bottles I have, but I believe it's over 150 at this point.