Thursday, December 27, 2012

12/27/12 - Stash Update

Happy belated Christmas and other holidays, everyone! :)
Unfortunately, the nail art I had planned for this holiday did not come to pass. Timing just didn't work out. But people were still impressed by my Winter Wonderland nails, that are only slightly chipped. :)
Today I have a small haul from K-Mart, and of course nail polish from Christmas presents. :)

Here's what I picked up at K-Mart:
I've been wanting a teal creme (it looks more blue here than it is), so picked up this cheapie, in a brand I've never tried. And of course flakies are always lovely, so I picked up my second ever flakie and my first ever Essie.

But my exciting treat is from Christmas. I've been wanting the Lime Crime set since I first saw it. Every post mentioning it had good reviews, and the colours just looked beautiful. Well, I opened up a present from my mom and saw:
 Yes! Let's explore further:
They all come individually packed in their own little boxes. The set has beautiful presentation:
And such delightfully cute names:
And of course, the polish looks beautiful.
I can't decide what I'll do first with them! They manage to be both pastel and nearly neon. So bright yet still subdued. I'm excited to see what I can come up with!

And that's all the new additions so far!


  1. What a lovely Christmas present. And happy new year.