Thursday, December 6, 2012

Swatch: Zoya - Opal

I've wanted to try this out for a while. I love the flakie fad, but unfortunately, this is the only one I own. I'm excited to have it, though!
Oh wait - I forgot I did use it on my Sunflower nails for a subtle look. But it's super subtle there, so I'm glad I get to enjoy it in all its glory here!
Zoya - Opal in the bottle looks like fairly light green flakes. But when applied, it is gorgeous! The pictures on my nails are of just one coat over Wet 'n' Wild - Ebony Hates Chris. I used it in my Flakey Flowers mani.
Over black, Opal shifts from green to blue.
Like I mentioned, in the bottle, it looks rather different than over a dark colour.
Similarly, over different colours, it looks completely different! For example, over pink, it shifts from a pale green to a pale pink!
Over green it just completely disappears. xP Someday I hope to find a colour that will allow it to show its full range. It really is quite like an opal in the way that it has so many shifting colours in there.
Back to my nails:
That one's with flash. Basically wipes out the duochrome, but still pretty.
And one last one:
I'm a big fan of this polish. :)

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