Sunday, June 17, 2012

06/16/12 - Summer Sunflower Nails

So I decided to follow a tutorial for these, just because I saw LOVE4NAIL's design and thought it was really pretty, and I'd been wanting to try flowers like these for a while. Of course mine isn't exactly like hers, but I like it well enough. :)
Here they are outside. I forgot to change the white balance, so my fingers look really weird, but the colours of the nails aren't that off. Just in case, here they are inside with flash:
Some detail shots: (I believe this is left middle finger and left ring finger)
I used Love & Beauty - Neon Green for the base, with a coat of Essie - Opal for some shimmer, Revlon - Hot for Chocolate for the brown, nameless cat polish for the gold sparkles in the flower centres, a mini red from Icing for the lady bug wings, Wet 'n' Wild - Ebony Hates Chriss for the black, Love & Beauty - Green for the leaves, and Sinful Colors - Last Chance for the leave centres. All the details were done with my littlest paintbrush, though I realized watching the tutorial that I really need smaller paintbrushes! Add trip to Michael's to the to-do list..
I tried several times to capture the Essie - Opal here. It's this lovely green/pink flakie polish. Putting it over green can seem quite silly, as the pink aspect nearly disappears, but I think it adds a nice subtle shimmer below the design. Here's my attempts to make it show up on camera:

But yeah! If I were to try again, I would have a lighter brown (this is my only brown) and a smaller paintbrush. I might also put white behind the wings of the lady bugs, since sometimes they don't look as red as they are.
But I was looking for a design that looked nice and summery and maybe had flowers, and this one fit the bill. :)

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