Friday, June 8, 2012

Swatches: Love & Beauty - Taupe

So I bought this polish at Forever 21 while ago, looking for a nude nail colour. I love it! It works perfectly for being a nude nail colour and it just looks lovely. And the formula is good, too.
(Warning, pic-heavy post!)
As you can see - Love & Beauty - Taupe. A great steal at $2.80 (which, I believe, is the price of all the Forever 21 polishes). The thing I love about this is that it goes with my skin very nicely, but it also has the tiniest hint of a purplish pink shimmer, which only shows in some lights, but just adds a bit of magical touch.

First photo without flash, second photo with. You can just barely see the shimmer here.
This is just one coat, and while you can see VNL, it's not bad. Two coats would probably finish it up perfectly if you wanted to wear it by itself.

Looks very classy. :)

Some close ups without flash, trying to show the shimmer. I think you can see it best in the photos with flash, but still. It looks very nice.

I've used this polish before in Unnoticeable nails, Valentine's nails, Happy Holidays nails, Forest mani, Halloween nails (Halloween costume), and Halloween mani (Halloween themes).

Anyway, I highly recommend this polish for anyone looking for a skin coloured nail polish with a little bit of secret fun. :)

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