Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Swatch - Simply Sweet blue

I got a Simply Sweet 4-pack for $4.99 at Ross a couple months ago. None of the polishes have specific names, just the brand name and the ingredients on the bottle. It came with this blue, a light yellow, a light pink, and a pink. This is my favourite of the bunch.
It was hard to get colour accurate pictures, but as you can see, it's a nice sky blue.

It's shiny without top coat. This is two coats, and it actually had a pretty good consistency. I had problems with the light pink and yellow ones. But this one went on evenly without problems.

If you merge these pictures that's probably the most colour accurate.

Anyway, overall I got a really good feeling from this polish. I've used it before in my Beautiful Day nails and the blue hearts in Heart Failure nails. I think I've been scared to use it since I didn't like the other Simply Sweet polishes I had used, but I won't be scared any more, because I think it came out wonderfully and worked perfectly for my Beautiful Day nails. :)

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