Friday, June 8, 2012

05/19/12 - Unnoticeable Nails

So as I mentioned in my MIA post, I was in a musical. I was John in Anything Goes, and as such, I needed nails that wouldn't be noticeably painted from the audience. However, I didn't want to leave them blank.
I ended up trying to cram this thing into about two hours, in between work and the next performance, and so it was horribly rushed and immediately got very dented/marred when doing my hair before the performance. So this turned out like crap, yet I kept it for two weeks any way (all the performances).

I never even ended up putting a top coat on the ring finger. xP
It was supposed to be a lovely nude polish (Love&Beauty - Taupe), with a subtle gradient with Sally Hansen - Platinum, and then a dotted flower design in white (Migi Nail Art Pen) on the accent nail. It.. kinda worked out that way.
It was nice and subtle and served its purpose well. Too bad it looked like crap, with rushing it and trying to do my hair and make up well before it was dry.

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