Tuesday, June 5, 2012

05/12/12 - What a Beautiful Day nails

Okay, day 1 of catch-up!
I LOVED these nails. I really didn't want to take the design off.

This was an idea of of my boyfriend's. He said, "You always do such great, crazy designs that I look at your nails and am all, WOAH, look at that! I kinda wish you would do a simple design, like blue sky and grass or something." So I did just that.

I did a sun, clouds, birds, and grass, all over a lovely blue sky. Then I tried something new - I mattified it! I think it did help the over all look. :)
Here are all the polishes and stuff I used. The blue was an unlabelled polish from a brand called Simply Sweet that I picked up at Ross. The grass was painted on with three different greens: Love&Beauty - Mint, Sinful Colors - Last Chance, and Old Navy - Shamrock. The clouds were sponged on Claire's - Snowball. The sun was a couple layers each of Love&Beauty - Neon Yellow and an unlabelled yellow from Simply Sweet. The birds were Wet and Wild - Ebony Hates Chris. The matte top-coat was Essie's Matte About You.

Like I said, I was very pleased with this. People loved the design, especially the birds. It was fun to do and fun to look at. :)

P.S. With all the changes Blogger has made, I cannot get the images to be in the format/arrangement I want them to be. Grr. Sorry about that.

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