Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/16/12 - Stash Update

I expected to go back to Oregon (from home in California) with more nail polishes than I left with, and that will certainly be true.
I came down with only twenty nail polishes, being unable to take my whole stash. I made my best guesses as to which ones I would most likely use in the month I'm down here. I'm definitely missing having access to the rest, though!

But on the upside, I'm buying more. :p

Here are two colours I bought shopping:

 You've already seen that I jumped on using Milani - Cyberspace. I'm looking forward to using Claire's - Mint Green. I don't know if it'll really be gel like. It's more expensive than their other polishes, so I'm hoping it'll at least be different, but, who knows. It's a pretty colour, anyway.

And a while ago, I posted about getting a three pack of Colormates from Big Lots for $2. Well, I like them, and they're definitely worth at least the 66 cents per bottle, so I was looking forward to going back and getting more to try out. Unfortunately, they didn't have any regular polishes. But they did have a couple three packs of nail art stripers, so I got this one to try:
A quick paper test says these will probably do well. :)

And lastly, I ordered nail polish online for the first time. I've been out of the base coat I like, and when I went to order that, I decided to order my favourite top coat too. And I got the big bottles, since I know I like them, and it's like twice the cost for five times the amount.
Neither had been used at the time of this picture, but you can see that the bottles aren't completely full. A little odd, but I won't complain. Also, they both arrived even earlier than the earlier Amazon had predicted they would arrive, which was a welcome surprise. Hopefully this will mean I won't have to buy more for a while! :D
And in case you're wondering, that is CND - Stickey, Anchoring Base Coat, and Out the Door top coat. I've been using Out the Door for all my manicures for a long time now, and like it better than Seche Vite and some others I've tried. And I used CND Stickey for while until I ran out, and now I'm back to using it again. I think this combination does good things for the longevity and appearance of my nail designs. :)

And that's it so far!

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