Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stash Update: Friend-Given Goodies!

I think it's kinda funny. In the past couple months or so, people seem to just give me nail polish. xD I'm certainly not objecting. It's like I've become the reject nail polish person. Mandybeth gave me some polishes a little while ago, my dorm-mate gave me some striping polishes just a couple weeks ago, and now my friend Kyla has given me some of her rejects. Here's the line-up:
I have no more room on my paper plates and no more paper plates with me to swatch these on, but I gave them each a cursory slot on a piece of paper. I actually already own the two pale pinks on the end. Which is kind of interesting, because I own an older version of of the Wet 'n' Wild polish. I'll have to compare to see whether the polish is the same, even though the bottle is different,
The other polishes area all new to me, including new brands for three of them. I'm excited about finally owning a Finger Paints polish. I'll have to try that out soon. Also the metallic blue LA Colors polish is very pretty. Unfortunately, that last black polish seems to be absolutely crap quality, but I'll work on it and see if
I can find it some purpose.

But yup! Very exciting. I'm always willing to be your receptacle for nail polish rejects.:D

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