Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hello everyone!
I've been struggling to come up with a design for my nails, especially because I was sick all last week. But I am working on it!

The update I have today is that I have decided to start pinning my own designs on Pinterest. I got a Pinterest a couple months ago to pin nail art inspiration pictures to. I used to save the pictures to my computer, but I realized it would be better to have them accessible from any computer or even my phone, since I was moving up to college. It has been great for that purpose.
But I've also realized that pictures can be spread very easily on Pinterest, and it might help my publicity a bit to put my own nail designs on a board there. So I've just done that!

Here is a link to that board: Quixii's Nails
Here is a link to my nail art inspiration folder: Nail Art Inspiration
And here's a link to my Pinterest as a whole: Quixii

Thanks for looking! :)

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