Sunday, December 4, 2011

12/2/11 - Musical Notes Mani

I've been thinking musical notes would be a good idea to try. When I was trying to decide which musical notes to use (should I use just random notes? actually follow a song? random parts of a sang?) I kept thinking of the song that I'm currently working on with a group of friends for a winter arts festival, called Mama Who Bore Me. This is a song from the musical Spring Awakening. The song is a beautiful song that I love, and the musical is a fantastic show. I highly recommend both, or at least listening to the music (it's all on YouTube).
Anyway, on to the nails!

I attempted to do the first couple notes on my left hand, and the last couple on my right hand.
The base colour is Claire's - Snow Ball. Migi Nail Art Pen - black makes up the musical notes. Then I sponged tips of newish Wet 'n' Wild - Diamond in the Rough, and covered the whole thing with Sally Hansen - Diamonds.
I think Diamond in the Rough is a really cool polish. A great silver glitter with some holographic glitter in there. In this last picture, I attempted to capture the sparkle in the sunlight.

So as a concluding note: watch Spring Awakening! :D

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