Monday, November 25, 2013

Swatch: LynBDesigns - Let's Get Mawwied

I bought LynBDesigns - Let's Get Mawwied a while ago, because it looked so adorable, and how could I pass up a Princess Bride reference anyway?
This is two coats, and it is adorable! The pastel-ish glitter shines through the milky base perfectly. I love all the different shapes, sizes, and colours.
Some photos better than others you can see that there is tiny blue glitter in there along with the larger hexagons.
LynBDesigns describes it as "I want to mawwy this color. Creamy white base loaded with pastel hexagons in all sorts of colors and sizes. Including itty bitty baby blue hexes. There are no words to describe this polish accurately. I love it so much." Pretty much sums it up!

By the way, these pictures are without top coat, and do look a little bumpy. However, a couple coats of top coat evens them out wonderfully. No concerns there.
I enjoy and recommend this colour. :)

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